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General Information

Our Mission:

To provide compassionate medical care based on a scientific model to our patients in a manner that emphasizes their dignity, respect and desires and minimizes waiting time and thereby establishing a reputation for high quality and high value care in the community.

Why Choose LSPCA

Choosing your primary care physician is one of the most important decisions you will make. Your primary doctor will be the first person you see for your health, both while you are healthy, working for prevention, and while you are ill. Here are a few things to consider when choosing a primary care doctor:

  • Experience & Knowledge - do they have a balance of both? Will they explain things to you and answer your questions? Can you understand them?
  • Accessibility - will your doctor be there for you? Are the office hours available? Can you reach him in an emergency?
  • Insurance Coverage - is your insurance accepted?
  • Office location - is it convenient for you?

Lakeshore Primary Care takes all these concerns for your health

Experience & Knowledge

Our doctors have a range of experience, from practicing a number of years to the young graduates. This brings both experience plus the most recent advances of medicine to maintain and improve your health. The doctors will answer your questions and explain things to you clearly.

Our patients range from the newborn to the senior citizen. Many of our patients are on a first name basis with our staff. We offer the services of a larger efficient office with the atmosphere of a small friendly office.

Although our office is made up of a group of doctors, you can choose to see which one you would like to see. This allows you as a patient to visit the doctor you feel most comfortable with and also has the knowledge to help you.